The Book Seat

I’ve just stumbled across The Book Seat. It is, essentially a bean bag for a book, which allows you to read without having to hold anything.

I was immediately drawn to this, and was very tempted to add it to my wishlist, but I now can’t decide whether it is a great solution to a very old problem, or just a marketing ploy, which won’t work in practice. How easy will it be to turn the pages? Will it just fall over all the time? I’d love to give it a try, as I’m always moaning about how heavy some books are!

Does it sound like a good idea to you? Or is it just silly? All thoughts appreciated!

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  1. Sandy says:

    Interesting! I’m not sure if it would prove useful to me or not…when I read “hard” books, I’m usually curled up in my chair or in bed, and don’t have any issues holding my book. If I am doing something else with my hands, I’m listening to audio. I love the concept though!

  2. DebD says:

    I’m on the fence about this product too. I’ve read several chunky books lately but because I usually read in bed, I don’t know that I’d want that product on my tummy along with a chunky book.

  3. Kim says:

    Actually I think it might be the ticket for my husband. He loves reading hardbacks and he often reads at the dining room table. I see him propping his book up against my center piece quite often! How much is it I wonder? My husband also complains that he can’t read in bed because he drops his book all the time.! The most immediate problem I see? It is only available overseas and I am pretty sure paying for international shipping would prove to be expensive!
    Fun idea…

  4. Teddy says:

    If it works for chunky books, I think I would like it. I mostly read in bed and have trouble holding chunky books up. I usually put a pillow on my chest and prop the book on that but I still have to hold it.

    The only thing is that may be annoying is to turn the pages with the book seat. You have to pull down the lille plastic thing. Hmm…

  5. Ruth G says:

    I’ve bought one of these and it’s great.
    It’s light weight, very comfy, easy to use, adjustable for different sizes of book, and looks good too.

  6. Jackie says:

    Ruth – Thanks for letting me know! How easy is it to turn the pages? Does it not get annoying having to squeeze them back under the holders everytime?

  7. andrew says:

    Works well with both smal and chunky books … Brilliant !
    Simply fold the perspex down (it’s on elastic) to turn the page.

  8. Noel says:

    this is fantastic for all books ,and I also use it for my Nintendo DS. It also works really well for the ipad. I haven’t got one ,but I know people who do. Very light , and great for reading while eating lunch. Another use I have discovered ,is it’s a great little pillow for travelling.

  9. Genienne says:

    Best friend sent one to me. Recovering from illness, works great, fits in my lap and is hands free except to flip pages. #1 in my book, no pun intended

  10. Jordan says:

    Hi guys. I know some of you have been having trouble trying to get them sent internationally. I have finally found a company that will ship the Book Seat overseas.

    Check it out! :)

  11. John says:

    Also here….house of anna

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