September Summary and Plans for October

I read ten books in September, the majority of which were very enjoyable reads, but none were outstanding. In fact I read so many good books that I can’t pick a favourite from the 4 star reads.

The number of books I read in September was slightly less than in previous months, but I have been reading longer books recently. Brothers and The Poisonwoond Bible were both 500+ pages and my current read, Perdido Street Station, is nearly 900 pages long. I aim to keep up the longer reads, as I often find them more satisfying than the shorter books.

I also completed one audio book and one short story.

Books reviewed during September

The Strain – Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan  stars41

The Poisonwood Bible – Barbara Kingsolver stars41

The Dwarf – Pär Lagerkvist stars41

The Bell Jar – Sylvia Plath stars41

To Say Nothing of the Dog – Connie Willis  stars41

Brothers – Yu Hua stars41

The Boy Who Kicked Pigs – Tom Baker stars3h

Corduroy Mansions – Alexander McCall Smith stars3h

Voice Over – Celine Curiol stars3

The Necklace – Guy de Maupassant (Short Story) stars3

Catching Fire – Suzanne Collins stars3

Hotel du Lac – Anita Brookner  stars2

Audio Book

The Graveyard Book – Neil Gaiman (Audio Book) stars3h

Plans for October

I love read alongs, so have taken the opportunity to join several in October.



The first is Rebecca, with the lovely Sandy. I have been wanting to read this book for a long time and have high hopes that it will become one of my favourite books.

Fizzy Thoughts is reading Dracula, another book which I’d love to read. It seems like the perfect book for Halloween, so I look forward to joining in.

Finally, I hope to finish reading 2666 in the next couple of days. It has been a great experience, so the group have decided to continue reading together – our next book will be Kristin Lavransdatter, hosted by  Emily and Richard. I have heard a lot of good things about this book, but I’m pleased to be able to share reading such a long book with lots of other people!

Are you joining any of these read alongs?

Have a great October!

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I hope you enjoy Rebecca! I’m planning on joining the read-along at some point for a re-read of my favourite novel.

I read ten books during September too, which was a slow month compared to others recently. Saying that, two of them were the weightier Bookers -The Glass Room and The Children’s Book- the former a definite reading highlight and the latter definitely not.

Claire, It sounds as though we had a very similar September. I think I like this pace – I am enjoying the longer reads, and find it easier to fit all the reviews in!

You really had some wonderful reads this month! I counted up my reviews, and had a few less than normal (I think 8). I think it was the combination of pre-reading Rebecca, but not posting, traveling, BBAW and the book fair. Busy month for my non-reading life!

I’ve got a whole list of scary reads for October. I signed up for 4 RIP books, but most likely will have at least 6. The one for my new book club is a “true” story of the paranormal…I’m trying to keep my mind open for that! I just bought “Her Fearful Symmetry” on my Kindle, I am reading The Seance by John Harwood and I was really hoping to read The Strain. Plus I have my 1 year anniversary coming up! Woo hoo!

So glad you are joining in the Rebecca REad Along. We have a nice healthy list of people joining in. It should be so much fun!

Sandy, It sounds as though you are going to have a great october. I am loving Her Fearful Symmetry, and really enjoyed The Strain and The Seance. I’m not sure I could cope with reading that many spooky books in a row – I hope you have a few lighter ones to read as well!

You’ve done well with reading this month, much better than I have.
I wish I could join some of the read-alongs but I can hardly keep up with my personal reading and book club reading. I hope you’ll enjoy Rebecca, I think it is superb.

Lilly, I’m sure I’ll love Rebecca. The great thing is that most read alongs match my personal reading, so I can get through books on my TBR pile by sharing the experience with others – win-win!

Amanda, You may be right – The Bell Jar might just take the lead, but tomorrow I might think something else should take first place!

You have read an awful lot! I really want to read The Poisonwood Bible and I am encouraged by you giving it four stars! I keep meaning to read The Bell Jar too…must do that.

OOOOOH you will LOVE Rebecca, it’s one of my absolute favourite books OF ALL TIME and it sucks you in from the very first sentence. I look forward to your thoughts on it!

Rachel, Thank you for commenting on my blog for the first time! I am really excited about Rebecca – I really hope that it lives up to expectations!

With my own challenge until January of the Sensation Season I am sadly backing off any read-a-longs, I may even have to drop Ulysses!!!! I want to go of on a victorian stroll through books with the odd modern one thrown in that just takes my fancy as I feel like I haven’t done that in ages what with the Man Booker etc.

Simon, Don’t drop Ulysses – I need to put more effort into that, but it would be a shame for you to give up now.

I need to read a sensation book for you too – I just need to decide which one!

I’m enjoying picking things at random too – hence the reason I haven’t mentioned any other books. All my other choices will be made at whim!

Jackie, I’ve found that I’m slowly turning toward longer books as well. Generally I am loathe to pick up something longer than 450 pp, but slowly I’m pushing my way past that threshold, and I’m finding I really enjoy it. I know that it will impact my blogging as I’m not finishing these books in 2 – 3 days, but I am enjoying them more, so I think it is worth it!

I don’t think I’ll be joining any read-alongs this month as I’ve been enjoying the whimsy that comes with just picking up whatever strikes my fancy. I really have enjoyed reading everyone’s thoughts and impressions on 2666, and I’m certain I wouldn’t have made it so far on my own… but I think especially with long books, I need the freedom to read them at my own pace! I really look forward to all of your thoughts on the books you’re reading, and I may unofficially be part of the Dracula read-along (as I have a copy and you’re right that October seems the best time to read it!).

Steph, I am finding that it works really well to read a long book, stopping every so often to read a short book. It helps to break up the long book and means you can still have enough books to review.

softdrink, Luckily I don’t have that cover – I couldn’t find the one I have – I think I’m safe to look at the copy I own!

I’m reading KL right now (can’t join in the readalong, since it’s due back at the library tomorrow!), and I really, really like it. I’ll probably join in y’alls discussions, since it’s the kind of book that tells a great story but also raises lots of issues!

Eva, It is great to hear that you are enjoying it. You’ve read it really close to us, so I’m sure you’ll be able to join in all the discussions. Did you manage to finish it before returning it to thee library?

I’ve always wanted to read The Bell Jar, but there it still sits on my shelf, unread and lonely. Alas, someday. I’ll see you over on the Rebecca read (well, re-read for me, but a lovely one at that)!

And I’ll be looking forward to your thoughts on 2666. I haven’t read it yet, but depending on your thoughts, I just might. 😉

Michele, I’m not sure my thoughts are going to persuade you to read 2666. Unless things improve in the final pages then it isn’t going to be a book I recommend.

I look forward to reading Rebecca with you though!

All the read-a-longs this month seem to focus on books I’ve already read! I’ll be more interested to see what others think than to read the books again myself.

Meghan, Sorry tio hear there aren’t any readalongs for you. They are all books I should have read, so it is a great reason to pick them up now.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Rebecca – one of my all time favourites and I look forward to reading your review.
Dracula is another book that is in my top 50 – Gothic is perfect for this time of year as the nights draw in. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.
The Poisonwood Bible has been on my TBR pile for so long – you have spurred me to bump it up the list!

Naomi, Thank you for commenting on my blog for the first time! I am pleased to hear that Dracula made it into your top 50. I hope I enjoy it as much as you did!

Corduroy Mansions is on your September list which I didn’t read but listened to online for free through this link:
Andrew Sachs is an excellent story teller and I wonder if I would have enjoyed it more had I read it and not listened to him read it, I’m not sure.
Good luck with your read-along in October. I have read Rebecca and was a little dubious before I picked it up because I didn’t know a single person who had read it before me who didn’t enthuse about it……I’m not going to say anything, I just hope you enjoy it! Looking forward to your review, Jackie.

Kim, I am currently listening to the sequel and am enjoying it much more than reading it. You can listen to it now if you are interested.

I haven’t heard of anyone who didn’t love Rebecca, so I’ll take your comment as a warning not to raise my expectations too high!

I’m looking forward to your review of Perdido Street Station. I read Mieville’s The City and the City last month and found it so well written and such a great blending of mystery and sci-fi.

Belle, I am really enjoying Perdido Street Station. It is so different to anything I normally read – it may be a while before I finsih it and get a review up – it is so long! I’ll try to get a copy of The City and the City soon.

Andreea, I love reading, so enjoy it all! I look forward to your thoughts on Rebecca when you get round to it.

Beth, I’m sure you’d be great at read-alongs. I hope you decide to give one a try sometime soon.

I hope you enjoy Rebecca as much as I did. I wish I could read along, but I have too much standing in my way. Boo! Have you read any of du Maurier’s other novels? My Cousin Rachel and Frenchman’s Creek are really good as well.

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