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My Favourite Book Blogs!

Book Blogger Appreciation Week is an amazing project designed to honour those producing the best blogs, but we all have different favourites, so I’d like to take this oppurtunity to show you who I think deserves recognition!

Today is designed to honour those who weren’t shortlisted in any of the BBAW categories, so if you were shortlisted CONGRATULATIONS!, but I’m afraid you won’t feature below!


Best Literary Fiction Review Blog: The Mookse and the Gripes

Trevor probably doesn’t even know I follow him, as I don’t comment very often, but I am continually impressed by his insight into the books he has read. If you are looking for a literary fiction blog then his is the best in the world! 

Best General Review Blog: Another Cookie Crumbles

I love reading Another Cookie Crumbles. Each review is well written and there is a great diversity of content. The perfect book blog!

Best Commentator: Violet

Violet is one of my loyal followers and I always look forward to receiving her comments. Thank you so much!

Best Collaborative Blog: Steph & Tony Investigate

I love reading Steph & Tony’s blog. It is packed with thoughtful reviews and I love the fact they blog together. I wish my husband would write on my blog!

Best Published Author Blog: Chris Cleave

I loved reading The Other Hand and his posts are just as witty and informative. Go and have a look!

 Best UK Book Blog: Savidge Reads

Simon’s posts are the perfect blend of bookish talk and personal information. I have recently been lucky enough to join his book group in London, so now we can talk about books in person. I love Simon’s blog!

Best New Blog: Paperback Reader

Claire only started blogging in February, but you’d never know. Her posts are always interesting to read – there isn’t a day that goes by when I don’t go and leave a comment. Fantastic!

Best REALLY New Blog: Passionate Book Lover

Andreea has only been blogging for a few weeks, but she has had an amazing start. It took me weeks to get my first comment, but she had 13 on her first post! Outstanding!

Best Event: Kim’s Blog Improvement Project

The blog improvement project has been incredibly useful to me. I have discovered lots of great hints and tips for improving my blog. Kim is so helpful and encouraging, I think that everyone could benefit from joining this project, to improve their blog one step at a time. Thank you Kim!

I love lots of blogs and I’m sorry if I didn’t mention you, but please remember that if I love your blog I will comment on it!

I hope you enjoy Book Blogging Appreciation Week and you manage to find lots more great blogs to enjoy!

74 replies on “My Favourite Book Blogs!”

Melody, I struggled too! It was very hard to narrow it down and I missed out a lot of my favourites. I love your blog and will show it with comments!

Sandy, You are in for a treat! I am sure you will love them and I know you will be adding some to your google reader. Enjoy your exploring!

gautami, You have a great list too! It is so hard to decide, who to highlight, but I think it is important for us to do it. I discovered a few new ones thanks to your list!

Thanks very much for that Jackie that’s very, very kind. I might have to do a blog about blogs in the near future, just need to get some sensation stuff out the way. I am really touched you popped me on there. It’s a pleasure ebing able to meet up in the flesh too at Book Group and you know I love your blog as keep popping back!

Simon, I agree – it is so nice that we have been able to meet up. Blogging seems so impersonal sometimes, so your book group has been a wonderful way to meet other bloggers/book lovers.

Stephanie, I hope you find some amazing new blogs. I have found some great ones this morning. BBAW is wonderful!

Thanks for mentioning the Blog Improvement Project! I feel like I haven’t quite given it the attention it deserves all the time, but it’s been a great lesson. I’m not sure what the plan is for next year yet, but the archives with posts and links will be up for a long time as a resource for people that want to look back at it 🙂

Kim, I was going to ask you about next year. In some ways it would be great to carry on, but in others in seems like a great project for those who are new to blogging and it might need to get a bit technical to help those who have been doing the project for a year already. I look forward to finding out what you decide to do. It has been wonderful though – thank you!

Thanks so much for the blog love, Jackie! You know that you’re one of my favorite blogs out there – I admire how you’re able to convey your thoughts on books so succinctly, and you always give me a really clear idea of whether I’d be interested in trying a book or not. Sometimes you pan a book that I think I might like to try, but I think this demonstrates how fair and accessible your reviews are. You really give your readers a good idea of the novel in question so that we can decide for ourselves whether it is worth our time!

Steph, Thank you for your kind words. Your reviews are always so wonderful – it is great to see that lots of people are giving you blog love today!

Great Blog!! I found you from someone else’s blog recommendation and I love your blog. I also checked out all your recommendation and added quite a few of them. Thanks, I am really going to love this week. What a great Birthday WEEk!!!

Rebecca, Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment on my blog. Is it your birthday this week? If so, Happy birthday! I’m so pleased to hear that you like my recommendations. Which books caught your attention?

I was glad to see you mention the Blog Improvement Project, too. (And I’m not just saying that because Kim so kindly featured my blog, among others, today!) And I’d like to say that you’re so quick at spotting new posts this afternoon that you found your Splash award at my place before I could even get over here and tell you about it! How do you do it?

Jeanne, Sorry for spotting things so quickly! I have links to my blog set up as a feed in my google reader, so any link pops up straight away. It is very useful for findingg out who is talking about you!

Ooh, how do you do that, Jackie? Not that many people would be talking about me but you never know! This is why you feature on lists today/yesterday: you are a fountain of blog information! Thank you.

This is a great list of blogs and you explained your reasons for choosing the blog so clearly. I will be leaving here shortly to start visiting them! But I wanted to say that I think you have a fantastic blog. I only discovered it recently through Sandy at You GOTTA read this, maybe? sheesh I don’t remember , sorry, but I very happy I did! I haven’t commented yet and I’m sorry about that. I am a little slow at acclimating :o)
Take care & thank you!

Amy, Thank you! Sandy is one of my favourite bloggers, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you found your way here from there. Either way – welcome! I hope you enjoy reading about all th ebooks here.

I thought for sure you would be shortlisted somewhere – your blog is terrific. and I only know a few of the blogs you highlight here (I totally agree about Kim and Violet!) Great post here – these are so fun to read.

I’ve loved looking at everyone’s lists today because I’m realizing just how many blogs are out there. I don’t recognize any of these (except Kim’s Improvement, of course). Thanks for sharing with us Jackie!

I have seen your blog name come up again and again today on the BBAW recognition lists. Had to stop by and see you for myself. 🙂

Congratulations – there are many bloggers out there who enjoy your reviews, because of them…. I am here too.

Sheila, Thank you! I was overwhelmed by the number of people who highlighted me. I’m still on a high! I hope you like it here.

Jackie, thanks so much for the kind and generous words! I am touched and humbled. It’s true that I didn’t know you followed my blog much, but I too am particularly guilty of not commenting these days — so many wonderful blogs to follow!

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