March Summary

I can’t believe March is over already – it has flown by so quickly! I read a total of 12 books, plus my first graphic novel, and one audio book.  I also completed my first challenge  The Victorian Challenge.

My March Reads

My first graphic novel: Fun Home – Alison Bechdel
One audio book: Getting Rid of Matthew – Jane Fallon

It was a very mixed bag for me. There were a few amazing books in there, but also some terrible ones! I look forward to reading some more great books in April.

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Diane – It looks as though we have a very similar taste in books – you keep adding books to my TBR mountain each week! I look forward to seeing what you recommend in April!

Congratulations on finishing your challenge.
Readingwise March was also a good month for me; I finished a challenge and reviewed no less than 13 books – but only because I had the flu for a week & could not work or leave home.

Jeez, you have been so productive! How on earth do you do that, when reading Gone With the Wind??? It has consumed me, and although I love the book, I’m getting a little depressed that I’m not reading anything else (except for the 36 disc Outlander Series book, Voyager). I think I’m going to go a jag of reading nothing over 250 pages or 5 disc long!!!

I think I am definately going to have to give Blindness a go, no question! In fact am gonna have a look for it on Read It Swap it and then in my most trusted two second hand book stores. Cant wait to see what you read next month!

What a well-rounded list of books – a good reading month. I applaud you for trying the graphic novel. I have yet to venture there, but one of these days. Hope April will be filled with good reads as well.

Dorte – Sorry to hear that you had flu. I hope you are better now. Well done on reading 13 books! Your site is always packed with great reviews – I must read some more crime fiction soon!

Simon – Blindness is a very different in style to anything else I’ve read. I’m very interested to hear what you think about it.

Margot – You really should try a graphic novel. They are very different to read, but I really enjoyed reading my one. I have now bought 5 more! So I should read a few of them in April.

Sandy – The truth is that I didn’t read much GWTW in March. I only managed about 200 pages. I have now decided to dedicate all my reading time to it, and have read 200 more pages in the last 3 days! I hope to get a GWTW post up soon, and then try to finish it some time next week. I think I’ll be reading a few short books after I’ve finished it too!

Oh dear…I didn’t like Foundation either. The writing was just too awful–I couldn’t even finish it. To think that it’s a science fiction classic! It explains why there are so many poorly written science fiction books out there, perhaps!

Priscilla – It was bad wasn’t it!? I’m sure there are lots of great science fiction books out there, but the classics all seem to be terrible!

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