Look what the postman has just delivered!!!

I’m so excited!! I have just received Sarah Water’s new book, The Little Stranger! I was going to say how impressed I was that it made it all the way from America in just 6 days, but the even though I ordered it on it was posted second class from the UK.

Despite the fact I am half way through reading two books at the moment, all other reading is going to stop until I have read all of Sarah Water’s new book!

I’ve noticed that a few other people are reading it at the moment – I look forward to comparing notes with you!

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Bethany – If you’ve never read her books then you have a lot of treats ahead of you! Her writing is amazing! I hope you manage to pick up one of her books – I recommend you start with The Fingersmith.

That is exciting!!! I still haven’t bought my copy yet – I have been waiting to get through more of my current pile – but I think I will have to pcik it up soon so that I can join in the reading with everyone else.

Matthew – Go on – buy a copy – you know you want too!!!!!!

raidergirl3 – Fingersmith is amazing – it’s in my all time top 10! I hope you enjoy it!

Karen – I hope you get a copy soon so that we can compare notes – the current pile can always wait a tiny bit longer!!

Beth – Fingersmith is a masterpiece – you should make sure you get round to reading it at some point.

Candy – I look forward to reading your thoughts on it. I’ve just finished it, and it is very different – hopefully I’ll get a review up soon.

I just bought a copy of The Night Watch, on someones recommendation. I can see it in the TBR pile from here…perhaps I need to move it up in the rotation, all these great things being said about Waters.

Catie – I haven’t read The Night Watch yet – but I have a copy here. I can’t imagine Sarah Waters writing a bad book though.

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