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Bookish Links

  • I think this qualifies as the weirdest news story I found this week: Popular Japanese horror writer Koji Suzuki will publish a short horror story on toilet roll.  I can’t imagine anyone is actually going to use it as toilet roll, but I guess it is a good marketing tool!
  • The Man Booker Prize has announced that there have been more entries submitted than ever before.  Entries for this year’s Man Booker Prize  are up from 114 last year to 133 . I found this article about how the books are selected really interesting.
  • I’ve just discovered Readiac. The site aims to showcase only books which people love. They are asking for reviews of your favourite books, so if you’d like to submit your gushing reviews, go and take a look.
  • Book Binge had a really interesting discussion on infidelity in romance. I’d never really thought about it before, but I think this is why I have a problem with a lot of ‘chick lit’ books, and may be why I didn’t love The Post-Birthday World as much as other people did. I think I’ve realised that I have a problem with infidelity, and just don’t empathize as much with characters who have affairs.

New Blog Discoveries

  • I’ve just discovered this new blog in need of a bit of love. I was the first person to comment on it, and so feel I now have a special duty to share my discovery! Verity obviously has very good taste in authors, as she rushed out to buy Little Stranger as soon as it was released, and then read it during her tea breaks! I hope you can welcome her into the blogging world.
  • I have also discovered Paperback Reader, if you like my blog then you’ll love hers, as she has a scarily similar reading taste to mine.

Books I’ve added to the wish list this week

  • I had never heard of Heather Armstrong and her hugely popular blog, but after reading Heather’s review, I’ve added It Sucked and Then I Cried to the wish list.
  • My newly discovered blog, Paperback Reader (see above) managed to add a book to my wish list straight away. Her review of Snow Goose has persuaded me to find a copy soon, and it is only 48 pages long, so should be easy to squeeze into the schedule! 

Amazing Give Away!

I don’t often blog about give aways, as they are very rarely international, and those that are often don’t appeal to me, but this one is special:

Nicole at Linus’s Blanket is hosting the best give away I’ve ever seen. (I’m easily excited by rare international give aways!) She is giving away an ARC copy of Catching Fire by Susanne Collins . This is the book I am most looking forward to reading this year, so I’m keeping everything crossed for a win. Wish me luck!

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A great collection of links.
And I sympathize with your view on infidelity. I accept that it is part of our modern world, but just like you, I “don’t empathize as much with characters who have affairs.”

Thank you for the two mentions, Jackie! The Snow Goose is a lovely -but heartbreaking- read.

I too am enjoying Verity’s blog; we all seem to have similar reading tastes.

I also dislike reading about infidelity in novels. Someone at a Distance by Dorothy Whipple deals with the subject n a wonderfully raw and unforgiving way.

Dorte – I’m pleased to discover I’m not alone in this thought, and I’m pleased you like my links!

Claire – No problem – you’re worth it! Yes we do all seem to have similar reading tastes and I look forward to sharing the blogging world with you over the coming months.

I always love poking around The Man Booker website but haven’t done so for a little while so thanks for the link to that story – definitely interesting. As always, I am looking forward to the announcement of the longlist, which I see from the site occurs on 28 July. Might actually try and read more than 2 or 3 from it this year!

I’ve read about about that toilet paper book…it was really interesting and then I thought, I might just buy this thing (toilet paper book) when it becomes available here but then….

I just realized that the author is the author of THE RING and so I said to myself…I’LL PASS. ^_^

I discovered Readiac too this week. I have to go and add a few books.

I think I used to have a big problem with being sympathetic to infidelity, but I have slackened up a bit. I have Post-Birthday World. Can’t wait to get to it and see what I think.

Thanks for mentioning my giveaway. Most of the books that I buy to giveaway or am passing along read used are international. Good Luck. I have never had to pay international postage before since my blog skews toward Americans and Canadians it seems. maybe that will change.

I guess the toilet paper book could be read in little bits and pieces … but only by one reader. What a strange idea.

I love links posts so thank you for this!

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