Links I’ve stumbled across this week

Bookish Links

My School Book Club is a great new idea for providing books to school children in the UK. Go and take a look if you’d like more information.

Entertainment Weekly have launched a new blog.

The Boston Bibliophile had a great post about bloggers and commercialism.

Kim from Sophisticated Dorkiness wrote a great post about the importance of book reviews on a book blog. Make sure you keep writing them, despite the fact they have the least number of comments!

The Infinite Shelf has a great cartoon about battling with unread posts on Google reader

If you’d like to sell your old books here are 100 sites for selling all your books.

Books I’m looking forward to

The release date for Steig Larsson’s new book was announced this week. The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest will be released on 1st October 2009 in the UK. 

I thought the sad death of Micheal Crichton to cancer last year meant that the end of his books, so am happy to discover that he had completed another one before his death. Pirate Latitudes will be published on 16th November.


Cathy invented a new award to honour blogs which she can’t stay away from, despite an over-loaded Google reader.

I had a lovely, warm fuzzy feeling after discovering that I am among her first recipients for this award. Thank you Cathy!

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There are some good links on here. Interestingly, my husband just made a comment yesterday about how much time and effort and love I put into reviewing books for publishers, blog tours, etc. He said he thinks that it is highway robbery that I am not paid for it, except by getting a free book. I guess I feel #1 that I love to read and write, so it isn’t like it is a chore, and #2 I am an amateur. Wouldn’t it be great to get paid for all of this though?

I have also noticed that my book reviews do receive the fewest comments. But in my mind, I am a book blog, and have intentionally tried to not clutter it up with memes and such. I agree I could probably do a better job of doing posts on other bookish thoughts, but I wouldn’t think I would ever get away from the reviews, comments or not.

Also congrats on your award!

You might have noticed that I took the advert off my blog as it just wasn’t worth it. I’ll just have to accept that I am not going to make any money out of blogging for the time being.

I try to avoid the memes too, but do like branching out into other bookish things.

I think you do a great job of concentrating on book reviews and love the way you are starting to branch out with the excellent ‘my family recommends…’ posts. Keep up the good work!

Jackie and Sandy – My husband has similar feelings so I have started slipping him some of the free books for his perusal to butter him up. I really don’t consider this a something for which I should be paid. Just my reading journal, and a way to share with other of a like mind. A hobby of sorts. Btw, I also wrote about some of the great books I am looking forward to this fall. So many!

Unfortunately my husband doesn’t have the same taste in books as me, so this doesn’t really work! He doesn’t have a problem with me doing it – he’d just like it if I could make a bit of money out of it – nevermind – he’ll just have to accept that I can’t!

Loved that cartoon! That could totally be me! 🙂

I’m taking the first Stieg Larsson book on holiday with me and if the hype is right I’ll need the next one right away and will then be looking forward to the new one with you. 🙂

I haven’t read any of the books either, but am sure I’ll love them. I plan to read the first one in the next few weeks and the second a month or so later.

I hope to squeeze the third in before the end of the year, but that will depend on the library getting a copy in.

I have only recently discovered EW. I have to admit to not loving their blog, but there are a few interesting pieces on there some times.

Congratulations on your award. I couldn’t agree with Cathy more. I always want to read whatever you have to say. Thanks for the hard work you put into it each day. It is always excellent.

Thank you for your kind words – I read your blog every day. Sorry for not commenting as much as I could. I will try to do better in the future.

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