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 Tim Winton won the Miles Franklin award for a record fourth time with his latest novel Breath. I still haven’t got round to reading any of his books, but I plan to read Cloudstreet very soon.



The ANONthology project sounds great. They have published a book of short stories by nine different authors, including Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Joyce Carol Oates and many lesser known writers, but they aren’t letting you know which author wrote which story. The aim is to guess, and there is a prize for one of the people who guesses correctly. I’ll definitely be taking part in this challenge and will be reviewing the short stories over the coming weeks.

I have seen authors comment on a book review before, but never their husband, especially one who isn’t complimentary!

Book, Line and Sinker showed us her beautiful book embosser. If I kept any books once I’d read them then I’d buy one straight away! 

I saw the trailer for Time Traveller’s Wife for the first time this week. I was really worried that they’d ruin one of my favourite books, but the trailer was so good I actually had a tear in my eye watching it!1Q84


Haruki Murakami fans snapped up his latest novel 1Q84 after five-year wait, unfortunately we still have to wait for it to be translated into English.


I didn’t even realise that the little icon in the address bar was called a favicon until I read Hey Lady! Whatcha Readin’s excellent post on how to add them.

Finally, Maw Books told us about the Website Grader site. You just type in your blog’s address and it gives you a report highlighting where you can improve things on your blog, and how your site ranks against all the other ones out there. I love statistics, so could play with it for hours!

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I got a tear in my eye watching the trailer for The Time Traveler’s Wife, too! It’s one of the only books (THE only?) that has made me sob – actually put the book down and sob.

I was really dubious, as I always am for film adaptations of beloved books, but this one really looks like they’ve got it right!

I am fascinated by the ANONthology experiment and wish them luck. Please note the complementary experiment that has been conducted along these lines since 2001, i.e NEMONYMOUS.

megan – The Time Traveller’s Wife is one of the only books to have made me cry too. I think that the trailer just brought back memories. I’m realy hoping the film is as good as the trailer.

df – Thank you for highlighting the nemonymous experiment. I saw it mentioned in passing when I was reading about the anonymous experiment. I’ll have to look into it in more detail later.

I definately, definately want to go and see The Time Travellers Wife, I think it falls into the ‘top 10’ reads of my bookaholic life so far! In fact thats made me want to read it again. I think I am going to have to start Breath this week!

The Time Traveller’s Wife preview makes me want to read the book again before it comes out, but I know I probably shouldn’t because then I’ll be too fixated on the inevitable discrepancies between the two. It looks like it’s going to be great!

You can count me among the many (er, few?) who didn’t know what a favicon was, too. I’ll have to give that a shot sometime, though there are probably a lot more things on my blog that need attention before that….LOL.

Thanks for the links!

Simon – I look forward to seeing what you have to say about Breath. I think I’m going to strat Cloudstreet in the next week. I think I’m going to enjoy his books.

Diane – Bleeding Heart Square is really good so far. Congratulations on your first year! Good luck with the next one!

Claire – I was going to mention Fearful Symmetry – I forgot all about it! I’m excited about that too!

JoAnn – Which Tim Winton book are you going to try first? I’m really hoping he is going to be good.

Megan – I think they crashed the favicon site yesterday! I’ll try adding one when the rush has dies down a bit! I thought it would be a really hard thing to add, so I am pleased to see it looks quite easy. Now I just have to work out what my favicon should be…

Awesome links. Thank you!

I’ve seen the trailer for The Time Traveler’s Wife. I loved Rachel McAdams when she was in The Notebook and I think I will love her here too. The book was probably my favorite book ever. I cried and cried and was haunted for a long time. I really hope the movie would do it justice.

Having just recently finished the TT’s Wife I think I will need some time before I see the movie version – I rarely enjoy the film as much. I am intrigued though.

Are you by any chance on Goodreads? I am on there and belong to a book group whose members seem to be primarily in the U.K. – like you – unlike myself. We have a lot of fun. They were the ones to encourage me to read this book.

uncertainprinciples – I’ve read a few Murakami, and I love them. I’m planning to read a few more, staarting with The Wind up Bird Chronicle very soon.

mee – I haven’t seen the Notebook. I was really scared that they’d ruin the book, but the trailer looks very promising, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Bumbles – No, I haven’t made it onto Goodreads yet. I’m on librarything, but don’t use it much as this blog seems to take up any free time I have. The Time Traveller’s Wife was very big here in the UK as it was a Richard and Judy (UK’s answer to Oprah) book club pick. Let me know if you find any other gems from your book group though!

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