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Gone with the Wind – Why I’m not attempting to keep up with everyone else!

Matthew from A Guys Moleskine Notebook is hosting a Gone with the Wind read-along. I have never read Gone with the Wind, or seen the film, so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to attempt this 1000+ page chunkster.

The idea was to read 200 pages a week, starting on the 1st March. So in theory we should all be at around page 400 today. I’ve only made it to around page 150 – so I am well behind the group! I’ve decided that I am not  even going to attempt to catch up with everyone anymore because… (and this reason may seem strange to you)…I’m enjoying it too much!

I think Gone with the Wind may become one of my all time favourite books, so I want to savour ever sentence. Each page is crammed with information, and I want to absorb it all. This means that I can only read about 10 – 20 pages at a time, which in turn means that it may take me a month or two to finish it, but I don’t care – I’m enjoying it so much!

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That’s not strange at all, it’s a great reason! I love the film and recently got the book so will be reading it soon too. Glad to hear you’re enjoying it so much!

I too am not sure if I will be able to get anywhere close to 200 pages a week. I’ve been reading for two weeks and am only around page 250. It is a phenomenal book, and definitely shouldn’t be rushed. God love the children, but until they are asleep, I get very little quality time to spend reading this brilliant work. Once you have finished the book, you should definitely see the movie. It is truly just as wonderful as the book!

I didn’t get *any* read the first week of the read-a-thon, so I gave up pretty quickly. I’m glad you are enjoying it so much. I’ll set it aside for sometime when I have the time to enjoy it!

I think enjoying a book is the best reason in the world to slow down 🙂 I can´t read really fast either when the book is wonderful. Sometimes I slow down deliberately, reread sections or take a break before the last chapter because it must not be over too soon.

I’m a little behind the read along pace at the moment too but like you I am enjoying the book so much I don’t really care! This is my second reading of GWTW and I have seen the movie countless times but I never tire of it!

You’re making me think I should re-read it. I read it more years ago than I care to remember, prompted by a trip to the area where it is set, and loved it. I’ve never seen the film, always thinking it will never do the book justice, but perhaps I ought to give it a go too.

I just got caught up with my GWTW reading today over coffee. I divided up the book into sections so I can aim to finish it in one month; but there is no need to adhere to the schedule strictly, as long as you enjoy the reading. I put it down and read two books.

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