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Do you Digg it?

125px-digg_new_svgAs part of the Blog Improvement Project I have just signed up to Digg, but after having a browse round the site, and a few other web discussions about it, I’m not really sure there was much point in signing up. It looks as though it is a great site for finding out about current news stories, and maybe a few interesting one-off articles, but I’m not convinced that it is a great way of drawing traffic to your blog.

If you do manage to get an article accepted to Digg (and this sounds like a political minefield!), it sounds as though it may generate short term spikes in visitor numbers, but no long term benefits.

Have you signed up to Digg? Have you managed to successfully submit an article? If so, did it produce any results for you? Unless I hear some amazing anecdotes, I’m not going to attempt any more Digging!

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I have not tried Digg, but as part of my Blog Improvement Project I tried out StumpleUpon. In my opinion it wasn´t useful either, and I think I have made up my mind I am just too anti-social for these modern features. Most of what I see remind me of what I used to call spam 😉

I havebt heard of digg to be honest. I think I get most of my blog traffic through other blogs and though people who know people who know people. Oh and Amazon oddly! Why isnt there a great blog traffic site? Or am I missing one?

I’m glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t find these sites useful.

Simon – Is your Amazon traffic coming through reviews you leave on there?

I have found digg to be quite useful. I love going on there and finding the most articles with a digg. You can find some really great articles that way.

If you search a genre you want, you will know the articles that are ‘dugg’ lots will be worth while clicking on, while the others you can ignore.

Dave – It does look good from a browsing perspective, but have you had any articles accepted? The articles all seem to focused on current news items. I did a search for ‘Booker’ and came back with no results. So it doesn’t look great from a book lovers point of view!

I don’t use digg either and don’t have the faintest idea of how it works. I have icons for popular sites such as digg and Stumbleupon as part of the HTML of my blog template in case someone wants to bring one of my posts to the attention of the world, but that’s it. I think to get the full advantage of some of these places, I’d have to spend a lot more time on them than I have available!

Cathy – Thank you for letting me know – your blog make you look like an expert on these sites. It’s interesting to know that it is just part of a template.

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