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Delicate Edible Birds – Lauren Groff

I really enjoyed reading The Monsters of Templeton, so when I saw that Lauren Groff had released a selection of short stories I immediately ordered a copy. The hardback wasn’t available at the time, so as I often listen to books in the car, I decided to purchase the audio book. I think that this was probably a mistake, as this collection of short stories didn’t work very well in audio format.

The first story was very reminiscent of  The Monsters of Templeton, and many of the characters shared traits with those found in her Templeton novel. The plot was mildly interesting, but wasn’t anything special. The rest of the short stories varied in their settings, but concentrated on the mother-daughter relationship. I often got bored when listening to them, and found my mind wandering off to other places.

These stories, may be excellent, but I’m afraid they were let down by the narration. This isn’t the fault of the narrator, I just think that this book wasn’t suitable for reading aloud. I’d still be interested in obtaining a copy of the paperback when it comes out, to see if the stories work well in that medium, but for now all I can say is that I can’t recommend the audio book.

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Sometimes I works like that. I have never listened to short stories on audio. Sometimes a bad reader can kill a book also. Entertainment Weekly moderately liked this book, but was not overwhelmed by it, but I recall a fellow blogger really liking it.

BTW, I see The Poisonwood Bible in your TBR stack. I loved that book (on audio).

Sandy – This is the first set of short stories I’ve listened to, so I don’t think I’ll try to listen to any more short stories, unless someone raves about them on audio first.

I’m planning to read The Poisonwood Bible next week. I’m really looking forward to it. I hope it’s as good on paper!

Too bad this one didn’t work out for you. I’ll rave about two story collections that were FABULOUS on audio – Olive Kitteridge
by Elizabeth Strout and Unaccustomed Earth by Jhumpa Lahiri.
While listening, I ended up checking both books out from the library to find quotes and reread specific parts that I loved.

Here’s what I wrote about Unaccustomed Earth:

And Olive Kitteridge:

Hi Jackie,
Thanks for stopping by my place. Your comment was very nice. You asked about how I put my comment message. At blogger there is a place to do that in your comment settings. Have a great evening!!


JoAnn- Thank you for letting me know that some short stories are great on audio. I’ll have to keep an eye out for those two.

I am still not very good with audio books and I dont know why, I think in my head through the page just works better, sometimes someone else voice can shatter the book for me, does that make sense? Would be interesting to see a book vs audio book review from you on these.

Simon – Some books are really good on audio. Listening to a whole cast of characters. or a good narrator brings some stories alive – in a way my brain can’t. Some books just don’t work though – like this one. Have you read The Guernsey Potato Peel Pie Society yet? If not, I recommend you try the audio book version, as it is a great place to start.

Sandy – Thank you so much!

Melissa – I’m pleased to hear that you enjoyed it in print. I thought that it might be quite good, and will get a copy when it comes out in paperback.

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