Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie on the Internet

My Half of a Yellow Sun read-along started yesterday, so I thought I’d have a quick look for some information on the Internet, in the hope it will increase my reading pleasure!

Here’s what I found:

The Official Half of a Yellow Sun website contains everything you’d want to know about the book. There are excerpts, reviews, and an interview with Chimamanda about the story behind the book which is particularly interesting.

The Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Website contains a biography, an interview with her, and links to lots more facts about her on the Internet.

If you feel you are missing out by not being able to read The Thing around Your Neck yet then there are links to almost all the short stories contained in it here. After reading that lot, you probably don’t need to spend the money on the book!

There are also links to lots of essays that she has written, and I think I’ll make an effort to read them. I don’t normally read essays, but as I love her writing so much they are probably a great place for me to start.

This little exercise has taught me to google authors more often! There are so many interesting facts out there, and I am especially pleased to have found all the links to the short stories and essays.

How often do you google authors?

Have you found any sites which are particularly good for author facts?

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I forget to do this all the time, then afterwards kick myself. I think can add so much insight to a story. Good job on this one. Thanks for sharing!

I only google authors occasionally. I’ve googled all of the one that I’ve interviewed, or asked for an interview. I did check out Ms. Adichie’s site which is excellent. She did not respond to my request for an interview though. :=(

Gautami tripathy – you are allowed to say you adore her writing – I do!! I’ve updated my RSS feed, so am now following your new blog.

Sandy – I’m going to try to do it much more in future – especially when I love a book, maybe I’ll even post a few links in my reviews.

CBJames – Sorry to hear that she didn’t respond to your interview request. I always do a lot of googling before an interview too!
I always do it when I receive a request for a book to be reviewed too, so ironically I often know more about the authors of books I’ve decided not to read than those I do.

I didn’t know you have Half of a Yellow Sun read-along! Okay…I need to run to the store and get a copy. I was going to read it next month, not anymore! 🙂

Bethany – I think that is a really good policy. I’m not sure I’d have time to do it for every author – I get distracted, and spend far to long reading things on the Internet instead of getting on with books and blogging!

Matthew – That’s great news! I hope you find a copy soon! We are planning to read the first half by 7th May, then finish it for 14th May. I look forward to reading your input!

Jo – I’m sure that some authors are really dull, but it is really interesting what you can find out about some of them!

Rebecca – Wikipedia is a good suggestion – it often turns up at the top of the google search anyway.

I google and Wiki author’s all the time. I love learning about their background and what makes them tick. I find the wikipedia is a great starting point and they often have links at the bottom of the article.

I really do need to get one of Ms. Adichie’s books to read.

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