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Blog Improvement Project – Initial Statistics

I thought that it would be a good idea to note down my blog’s statistics at the start of the project, so that I can see how much I’ve progressed by the end.

Statistics for 29th December 2008 – 4th January 2009

Number of posts: 68
Number of Comments: 142
Number of unique visits per day 125 (min) – 195 (max)
Number of page views per day: 228 (min) – 807 (max)
Technorati Authority: 7
Technorati Ranking: 761,506

I look forward to seeing these improve, as I learn things from the project. Can anyone suggest any other statistics that are worth noting?

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That’s a great idea. Now you have a way to track your progress. I’m already making changes on my blog’s layout. Trying to cut down on clutter and learning new little aps.

Thanks for this suggestion. I’m going to copy you, if you don’t mind. I’m looking forward to watching your blog improve only because I like it and am curious how you can make it better.

How about recording the number of different referrers and the country visitors are coming from?
Also, do you ‘Twitter’? If not I’d recommend you check it out! Just start following a few people with similar interests and use an app like to search for people tweeting on subjects you’re interested in.

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