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BIPThe Blog Improvement Project task for the past few weeks has been blog post bingo. We had to look at the 12 types of blog post below, and over the past three weeks, try to write as many of these different kinds of posts as we can.

I’m celebrating as I have just completed all twelve.



 The 12 Types of Blog Post

  1. An Opinion Post – What do you think of adverts?
  2. NEW: A Personal Post –I think I’ve had Swine Flu
  3. FREE SPACE – A Prediction Post – Who will be longlisted for the Booker Prize?


I found it a lot easier to complete than last time. This is probably because I am more used to varying the type of post I do.  I found the definition post the strangest to write – I wasn’t really comfortable with writing definitions of things and although I tried to make a question out of it, I didn’t think it sat very well on my blog. I don’t think there will be any more definition posts on this blog for a while.

I apologise for failing to write a technical ‘how to’ post. I half wrote one on separating ping backs from comments, but it got far too technical for me – I had to rope my husband in, and then realised that there were so many variables depending on how you host your blog, so I had to abandon it! I still think it is an important thing to do though, so if you have the time – search for how to do it, being very specific about the way your blog is set up.

Which type of blog post do you find hardest to write? 

21 replies on “BINGO!!!!!!”

I have so many reviews stacked up waiting for blog post bingo to finish that I probably don’t need to read for a month!

Hey! Congrats! I had a feeling you’d manage all 12! And all your posts were wonderful. No worries about the how to post. In fact, if I had managed to write one, I think I would have gone with a silly, tongue-in-cheek type! Maybe that’ll happen next time! 🙂

I nearly went for ‘How to turn off your iPod’ I’ve had one for 6 weeks and only just discovered how to do it!!

I love tongue in cheek! I look forward to it!

I did like the variety of posts doing this gave your blog. And apropos of your comment at Sophisticated Dorkiness, I love it when people comment on my book reviews because they disagree with something I’ve said.

I don’t mind it either, but I think a lot of people would take it the wrong way and take it personally, so I don’t like to do it.

I’ll make sure I keep an eye out for things I don’t agree with on your blog though!! LOL!!

I knew you would rock at this. You did last time! I am ashamed to say that my posts don’t vary all that much, I don’t think. If I varied them, I might have an opinion on the toughest one to do, but at this stage, I think they are all pretty easy to do. You won’t find me writing anything technical, however!

BTW, Jackie…just finished RAHL. OMG. Just mop me up. How the heck am I going to write the post for this one?

You should try a bit of variation – it is great for the seacrh engine hits!!

I am so pleased you liked RAHL – I look forward to reading your post.

I am a little ahead of myself for the first time ever. The post will be up August 6! I worked on it last night. I had to get it all down before the spirit left me.

I’m a bit late to this party but I think I’m going to try and do some of these posts just to mix things up a bit. Great job! And do you mind if I borrow the way you list your books read, coming up and waiting to be reviewed format? I really like it!

Good luck with trying new post types.

I’m pleased you like my layout – you are welcome to set your blog out however you like. Go for it!

Congratulations on finishing! I didn’t do so well. I think I only completed two or three posts. Oh well. I’m going to use this project when I need inspiration in writing posts.

It is great for posting inspiration. I have a few more ideas stacked up for future use thanks to taking part in this project.

I usually blog on whim. Thats one reason I haven’t joined this project. I could never blog with a to do list. I would come up with the most awful posts.

But you’re doing great. I like all your posts, reviews and otherwise.

I love lists! I’m also quite stubborn, so if someone sets me a challenge I will complete it.

Thanks for your kind words.

Congrats! I’m glad you were able to finish all of them — I certainly didn’t 🙂

Other people have mentioned having problems with the definition post, that it just seems too intimidating or awkward for their blog. So that’ll be something I think about if I do bingo again sometime outside the BIP.

Anyway, congrats. I’ll be choosing winners sometime this week.

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