Karen from BookBath honoured me with this Sisterhood Award. Karen has a similar reading taste to me, so I enjoy reading her reviews, and increasing the size of my TBR mountain!


Kerrie from Mysteries in Paradise kindly awarded me this Splash! Award. Kerrie normally blogs about crime fiction, so if you’re looking for a a great new mystery to read I recommend you have a look at her blog.

I’d like to pass this Splash! Award onto my three favourite book blogs:

Sandy at You’ve Gotta Read This!

Beth at Beth Fish Reads

Simon at Savidge Reads

You don’t have to blog about this – I just wanted to let you know that you are really special to me!

Edited to add: Carrie from Books and Movies also gave me this great Proximidade Award! Thank you so much Carrie!

proximidade.jpgCarrie has a really good blog, where she shares her thoughts on films, as well as books. I have read her blog regularly since we struggled through Wuthering Heights together! I hope you can spare the time to pay her a visit!

7 replies on “Awards!”

Carrie – Thank you very much! I can’t believe how many awards I’m getting! I feel very honoured!

Sandy – I know the feeling. I always feel that I should try to give awards to different people, but then feel guilty for leaving out my favourites – that is why I decided to single you out this time.

Thanks Jackie thats really kind, I need to get more onto these Prizes and giving them out more as I probaly come across a right ba-humbug with them! Sorry if I do I am really grateful!

Simon – no I completely understand about not blogging about them. I love receiving them, but sometimes it does take me a while to writing about them, and I always feel bad about not giving them to certain people. As long as you enjoy receiving them, that is all that matters to me!

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