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Announcing: The Comment of the Week Competition!

2009bip-150x210This week the Blog Improvement Project task is to make your blog more comment friendly. After reading this inspiring post  (Thank you, for drawing it to my attention Kim!) 

 I’m launching:  


The Comment of the Week Competition!

The idea is that each week I will write a post highlighting the most thoughtful/inspiring/amusing comments I have received in the previous seven days.

To celebrate the first competition I will be awarding the winner:

 3 bookmooch points, or the choice of any book I have for sale on greenmetropolis.

I have about 200+ fiction books for sale on there, so there is some thing for everyone!

This competition is open to everyone in the world!

Comments can be added anywhere on my blog, and I will choose the best ones added between now and noon GMT on 13th April.

I look forward to reading all your interesting comments!

Good Luck!

18 replies on “Announcing: The Comment of the Week Competition!”

Sandy – Your comments are always so thoughtful that I’m sure they’ll be on the list anyway! Hopefully you’ll have some competition this week though – I’m looking forward to seeing what you write once you’ve got your thinking hat on – I’m sure it will be outstanding!

This comment is just to say great idea. This is not a funny or amusing comment or one meant to be highlighted. My heart is racing and my stomach is in knots — the pressure is on.

Beth – I’m pleased you like the idea! I hope I see a difference in the commenting behaviour over the week – it would be great to make this a permenant feature.

All I have to do now is come up with some more post ideas so people actually have something to comment on!

Kim – It looks like it is working already – I’m not sure if it is the coincidence that I have written a couple of popular articles lately, but the comments I’ve had since launching this competition do seem to be of a higher quality, and number. I’ll let you know how it goes!

Melody – Thank you! I can’t wait to do the comment summary at the end of the week!

Sherrie – I’m still planning to do a comment of the month competition, although I’m afraid there won’t be any prizes, so you still have plenty of time to come up with some great comments! Thank you for visiting my blog!

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