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8 things to blog about when you haven’t read any books

See full size imageI often read other people apologising for not blogging, as they haven’t read any books recently, but I often find that the best posts aren’t book reviews. I prefer cherryscustomframing to check about latest books.

Here are some ideas for blog posts you can write at any time:

  1. Think of all the books you read before you began blogging….you could review a few of your favourites, compile lists of ones you’d recommend or discuss the best ones from a specific genre. There are so many things you can do with books you’ve read in the past.
  2. Tell us about your favourite author. Why do you love them so much? Which is their best book? Do they have an interesting personal life? We love finding out about great new authors – especially if there is some interesting events in their past!
  3. Is your boyfriend/sister/mum/gran/boy next door reading anything interesting at the moment? Do you like their taste in books? Discuss their favourites.
  4. Have you found any interesting books on other people’s blogs? Link to books which have caught your eye. Not only does this help other people who are looking for something new to read, but it gives the blog posts you’ve found some link love!
  5. Are there any books you are looking forward to reading? Are they going to be published soon, or are you waiting for the people on that library reserve list to finish it? Tell us why you want to read that book so much!
  6. Have you seen a great book cover? Did it make you want to buy it straight away, or put it in a paper bag so you don’t have to look at it!
  7. Are there any books which you’d really like to see made in to films? Tell us why they’d be so great on the big screen!
  8. Join a reading challenge and decide which books you’d like to read for it.

Can you think of other great ideas for blog posts?

19 replies on “8 things to blog about when you haven’t read any books”

Those are some great ideas! I definitely find it hard to constantly post book reviews…I can only read so fast! Actually, I am really enjoying myself, since I got alot of reading done in Poland, I have filled up my schedule with reviews and memes for the next two weeks. That has never happened before! We will see how long it lasts. When I start the next Outlander audio, WITH 46 DISCS, I will have a dry spell.

I like to be able to have a few blog posts stacked up in advance too! I have four days covered at the moment, so I can have the odd day off if I feel like it. It also means I don’t feel bad about starting a really long book, as I know I have a few reviews in place for the inevitable absence of reviews.

I’m pleased to see you’ve come back to blogging! I look forward to getting to know your book tastes in the coming months.

I love posts on favourite books – I’ll have to come and look at yours in a moment.

I’m probably one of those people who keeps apologizing for not blogging, so thank you! I really like the ‘Links I Stumbled Upon’ posts you do, and might steal the idea. What’s annoying is, though, sometimes, I don’t have ample time to review a book as soon as I’ve finished it, and then it just sits next to my laptop, ’til I’m inspired to review it!

Speaking of… must go and review News of a Kidnapping NOW.

You’ve just reminded me that I haven’t made a note of any links I’ve stumbled upon this week! I think I’ll have to give it a miss this week – sorry if you were looking forward to it.

I often feel uninspired by a book I’ve read, and struggle to write a review for it. I really try to review a book as soon as I finish it though – I forget some things really quickly. Good luck with your review writing.

Great ideas! I know I tend to do a lot of miscellaneous type posts (always bookish of course) as I either don’t read books fast enough to just post book reviews. Plus, sometimes I am just not in the mood to write the reviews so I always have to write about different things 🙂

I often prefer writing other things to reviews. It is nice to have a good mix though. Good luck with your random bookish posts!

Using weekly events is a good idea too, as long as you don’t do too many each week. I love weekly geeks the best!

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