Weekly Geeks #26

I have been reading various people’s ‘weekly geeks’ sections for a few weeks, and have always found them interesting. I thought it was time I came out of the woodwork and joined in. This week’s task is to visit 5 other blogs and find something you have in common with each of them. This gives me a great excuse to have a look round more people’s blogs, and hopefully pick up a few hints on great books to read.

Weekly Geek 26

 I picked five sites:

 As I’m new here I had a look round Dewey’s site. We haven’t read many of the same books, but the few we have in common we seem to have the same opinion of. I discovered that we both love Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

Wrong Decade is new to ‘weekly geeks’ too, so I thought I’d link to her site to encourage her to keep up the geeking!

Literary Escapism has set up a Facebook group for book related discussions. I’ve done this too, although mine is a reading group for people I know, and not as active as hers.

Book Worm Sarah likes taking photos of her reading piles just like me!

Melody loves reading challenges.On her blog, I found a link to a site listing all the challenges. I found this really useful – thank you!

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