How many book cases can you buy for £18,000?

Here in the UK the major news this week has been about MPs fraudulently claiming things on their expenses, which the UK taxpayer has to foot the bill for. The latest scandal is that Labour MP Tam Dalyell is said to have claimed £18,000 for book cases. The thing I was most shocked about is that you can actually spend that amount of money on a book case, and so I decided to look into how what you can buy for that amount of money.

Cost: £27.99

Number you could buy with £18,000: 642

Cost: £49.99

Number you could buy with £18,000: 360

Cost: £329

Number you could buy with £18,000: 54

Cost: £659.99

Number you could buy with £18,000: 27


Cost: £1529

Number you could buy with £18,000: 11

b-pop-up-driade-frame-pCost: £8163

Number you could buy for £18,000: 2

I don’t know what he spent his £18,000 on. All I can say is that I wish I had that amount of money to spend on book shelves, and a home big enough to put them in.

Do you like any of these book cases?

What is your idea of the perfect book case?

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  1. Nicole says:

    Though I now it is the plainest of all the choices I really like the first one. It’s simple and has a natural wood color, which I like, and it goes with the color of most of the wood in my apt.

  2. Beth F says:

    That spiral thing is really bizarre! I’m of the £30 school and I could probably use about 650 bookcases!

  3. I prefer the first one too – although I think I’d like it in a darker stain. I really need a few of them, as you saw from my post earlier in the week!

    I can’t believe anyone would actually put books on the last one!

  4. My idea of a perfect bookcase is one that’s overflowing.

  5. Sandy says:

    The artsy ones are interesting, but wouldn’t go with my home decor. Give me one that I can pile on the books!

  6. Jackie says:

    Candy – I have overflowing ones at the moment – I think I’d prefer one which has space to add lots more books to – a VERY big one!

    Sandy – I do like the spiral one, but as you say it wouldn’t fit in – I’d love to see it filled with books though.

  7. Well that is the second favorite. I recently added a wall of bookshelves to my son’s old room and it was lovely. It is at least half full though as I had books piling up on the floors for awhile.

  8. Vasilly says:

    The back bookcase with the doors is my favorite. I’m looking at bookcases now. But for that amount, I would rather buy books and bookcases.

  9. Teddy says:

    The Cartell looks really cool but I wonder how functional it really is. It certainly would be a good conversation piece.

  10. Simon S says:

    I am really picky about book cases. I did want some really amazing art deco patterned ones and then went really off them, for 18,000 I would propbably have bought some just because I could. Mine are beech however.

  11. Dorte H says:

    I like the top one. Useful and not an eyesore ;)
    I can see £ 18,000 solving some of our storage problems, and we might even have room for most of the shelves.

  12. Just thought I’d throw this in the mix – I bookmarked it sometime last year, because I was so totally overwhelmed!

    Best Book cases & designs

    Creative Bookshelves

    I’d love to live in a house full of fantastic bookshelves – all of them overflowing with books, of course!

  13. Cathy says:

    I have about 30 of the 30 quid variety. If I collected first editions, I’d want the 660 quid variety without the doors at the bottom.

  14. Jackie says:

    I think we’re all agreed – we love book cases!!

    uncertainprinciples – I love all those ones too – especially the ones on the stairs!

  15. Austin says:

    You may all be agreed, but as a husband of a certain well known blogger, I am not so sure

  16. Dorte H says:


    Is that man anyone you know, Jackie :D

  17. Dorte – Yes – That’s my husband!!

  18. Dorte H says:

    Jackie, I thought so LOL

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