Posts from ‘October, 2014’

Mice by Gordon Reece

Five words from the blurb: bullying, women, timid, shattered, control Ignore the weird romance-like cover, this book is a dark, […]

Black Rainbow by Rachel Kelly

Five words from the blurb: depression, world, collapses, poetry, recovery I hadn’t heard of this book until an unsolicited review […]

The Stand by Stephen King

Five words from the blurb: plague, death, dreams, Apocalypse, grows I had never read any Stephen King (I was too […]

Which books should be in the perfect junior school library?

My sons’ school recently converted from an infant school into a full primary. They have a good selection of books […]

Alive by Piers Paul Read

Five words from the blurb: plane, crash, survivors, unthinkable, truth After giving myself permission to read a book which mentioned […]

The Rosie Effect by Graeme Simsion

  Five words from the blurb: marriage, irrational, challenge, life, disgrace I LOVED The Rosie Project so was very excited […]