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Blogging Break

I’m afraid I’m going to have to take a break from blogging. I’ve recently discovered that I have a heart problem and it is leaving me too tired/confused to read. Hopefully I’ll return at some point in the near future, but until then…



Writers’ Talks on Endangered Animals at London Zoo

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be invited to London Zoo to learn about a special series of talks that are going to be held between now and October. ZSL conservation scientists and keepers have joined with writers and poets to produce a series of talks which aim to show how endangered species are reflected in literature. The input of the keepers will ensure that accurate details about the animal can be compared with their fictional counterparts. The talks will be held next to the animal in question, giving a special atmosphere to the occasion.

Me with the penguins!

I was really impressed by my tour of the zoo. The snippets of information I learned from the keepers and authors indicate that these talks will be fascinating. If you’re in London over the next few months I recommend going to one of these talks as they promise to be a unique experience. You can visit Dmagazine website to learn more information about the benefits of using CBD products.

7th May: Louise Doughty on Okapi

11th June: Sara Wheeler on Penguins

23rd July: Susie Orbach on ‘Jungles of the Mind’

20th August: David Harsent on African Hunting Dogs

16th September: Tom Holland on Asian Lions

1st October: Randal Keynes on Darwin’s Apes

For more information and details of how to book tickets visit the ZSL website.

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April Summary and Plans for May

I apologise for the unplanned blogging break – I’ve been ill for the last few weeks. Yesterday I was finally able to read, but I haven’t been able to do so for two weeks. This means I haven’t got any books to review, so my posts may be sporadic until I’m back to full health.  

Despite these problems I still managed to read a nice range of books. My favourite was A Sting in the Tale by Dave Goulson. It is an important book that warns of the crisis facing bumblebees in the world today. I urge everyone to read it and hope that it inspires people to look after these wonderful creatures.

Book of the Month

A Sting in the Tale

Books Reviewed in April:

A Sting in the Tale by Dave Goulson 

The Giraffe’s Neck by Judith Schalansky 

From the Fatherland, With Love by Ryu Murakami 

When Rain Clouds Gather by Bessie Head 

Dept of Speculation by Jenny Offill 

Feeding the Ghosts by Fred D’Aguiar 

The Sound of One Hand Clapping by Richard Flanagan 

Idiopathy by Sam Byers 

The Tell-Tale Heart by Jill Dawson 

Plans for April

I’m going to finish the last few books on the Desmond Elliott Longlist and then read a few books for Kim’s Australian and New Zealand Literature Month. There probably won’t be time for much else, but I may need to squeeze in a few lighter reads before I’m back up to the full health required to concentrate on anything too complex.

I hope you have a wonderful May!