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In the Heart of the Sea by Nathaniel Philbrick

Five words from the blurb: whaleship, sinking, crewmen, dramatic, survival In the Heart of the Sea is an account of the events that inspired Herman Melville to write Moby Dick. In 1820 the whaleship Essex was attacked by a spermwhale. By combining historical narratives, Philbrick gives a shocking insight into the plight of the twenty crewmen […]

Who will the longlisted for the 2014 Baileys Women’s Prize for Fiction?

On 7th March the longlist for the 2014 Baileys Women’s Prize for Fiction will be announced. Previously known as the Orange Prize, it is awarded to the best full length novel, written by a women, that has been published in the UK between 1st April 2013 and 31st March 2014. It has been an amazing […]

The Book Thief: Film Review

I loved reading The Book Thief so was excited to be invited to a special preview screening of the film at the beginning of the month. I was worried about how they’d convert it onto the big screen, especially Death’s narration of events, but luckily my concerns weren’t justified as The Book Thief was a fantastic film and […]

Wetlands by Charlotte Roache

 Translated from the German by Tim Mohr Five words from the blurb: intimate, body, provocative, taboo, hygiene Wetlands is a provocative book that investigates all aspects of female hygiene. It contains graphic descriptions of bodily functions, including detailed descriptions of vaginal discharge and the after effects of rectal surgery. The central character is Helen, an […]

Traveller of the Century by Andrés Neuman

 Translated from the Spanish by Nick Caistor and Lorenza Garcia Five words from the blurb: mysterious, city, literary, love, translation When Stu announced he was holding a blog event to celebrate translated literature published by Pushkin Press I immediately pencilled Traveller of the Century onto my list. It had been receiving almost universal praise from the […]

Brief thoughts: A Man in Full, Season to Taste and Barracuda

A Man in Full by Tom Wolfe Five words from the blurb: entrepreneur, Atlanta, debt, idealistic, deliverance This book started really well. The character development was fantastic and I quickly became attached to a wide variety of people. Unfortunately the plot seemed to stall in the middle and I completely lost interest. I only continued […]