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Farm Lane Book Awards 2013

I’ve already listed the best books published in 2013, but there were many other books that stood out for different reasons. Here are the other books that deserve a special mention: Five star reads: Thérèse Raquin by Émile Zola (Audio Book)  The Noonday Demon: An Anatomy of Depression by Andrew Solomon  Encounter with Tiber by […]

2013: A Year of Pushing Boundaries

2013 has been a strange year for fiction. The books haven’t been as good as in previous years, but the boundaries of acceptability have been stretched further than before and many taboos have been broken. Here’s a quick guide to the way literature has confronted difficult subjects in 2013: Sex EL James made graphic sex […]

My Favourite Books Published in 2013

2013 has been a strange year for fiction. There have been a lot of great books, but none have really blown me away (I haven’t awarded to any 2013 fiction release). It seems that 2013 has been more about pushing the boundaries and breaking the taboos that have existed in literature until now. I’ll explain […]

The Best Books of 2014? Debut/Lesser Known Authors

Last week I posted: The Best Books of 2014?: Authors We Know and Love This week it is time for the debut authors.  Here are the 2014 releases that caught my eye:     You Disappear by Christian Jungersen Five words from the blurb: teacher, accident, tumor, fraud, brain You Disappear investigates brain injuries, free-will and […]

Discussing Tampa over at Typographical Era

Today I’m over at Typographical Era discussing Tampa with Aaron and Karli. We had a really interesting conversation about many issues raised by the book in Conversational Era: their new semi-regular collaborative feature in which they chat with readers, authors, & fellow bloggers about a myriad of different subjects. I highly recommend that you look at […]

Tampa by Alissa Nutting

Five words from the blurb: teacher, sex, pupils, risk, exposure Tampa is a controversial book about a female teacher who has sex with her 14-year-old pupils. It contains graphic sex scenes and many have complained about its disturbing subject matter. It definitely pushes the boundaries, but I think this book is important. It raises many […]