Posts from ‘November, 2013’

Night Film by Marisha Pessl (Audio Book)

Five words from the blurb: journalist, director, disorientating, mystery, reality Night Film is an unusual thriller. It follows Scott McGrath, a journalist investigating strange events linked to the famous, but illusive Cordova family. Stanislas Cordova is a cult horror film director and his daughter recently committed suicide. Their lives are packed with secrets, many of which involve dark magic. McGrath’s investigations lead […]

The Carpet Makers by Andreas Eschbach

Translated from the German by Doryl Jensen Five words from the blurb: knots, hair, Emperor, lifetime, belief The Carpet Makers is a science fiction story that contains enough elements to entertain everyone, including those who don’t normally enjoy the genre. It begins on a planet where the people have spent thousands of years weaving intricate carpets […]

Into the Abyss by Carol Shaben

Five words from the blurb: plane, crash, remote, survivors, criminal In 1984 a small commuter plane crashed into a remote Canadian forest. This book explains the reasons for the tragedy and shows how the survivors reacted after the event. The author, Carol Shaben, is the daughter of one of the passengers and has an emotional […]

Underworld Readalong

Today it’s Don DeLillo’s birthday! To celebrate a few of us are going to read his epic masterpiece, Underworld, together. It all started a few weeks ago when I discovered this post of 50 Incredibly Tough Books for Extreme Readers. Many are among my favourites and several of the others really appealed (especially The Tunnel by William […]

All Quiet on the Orient Express by Magnus Mills

Five words from the blurb: Lake District, quiet, camper, stays, amusement I used to live in the Lake District and so am drawn towards books set there. I had no idea that All Quiet on the Orient Express was based in the region until Annabel included it in her choice of books to represent the UK. I […]

Not Without Flowers by Amma Darko

Five words from the blurb: women, Africa, dilemmas, confronting, social Not Without Flowers gives an insight into Ghanaian culture; raising interesting discussions about polygamy, the treatment of mental health and HIV, and the difficulties faced by an ordinary family trying to raise enough money for a decent funeral. The book begins with a distressing scene in […]