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I Remember You by Yrsa Sigurdardottir

 Translated from the Icelandic by Philip Roughton Five words from the blurb: Iceland, isolated, suicide, vanished, terrifying Iceland is very suited to scary stories – the isolation, the dark days, and the snowy weather all combine to produce a chilling atmosphere. I planned to read this book in Iceland, but after reading the quotes on […]

Two Board Game Reviews: Castles of Burgundy and Bora Bora

Earlier in the year Ravensburger Games asked if I’d be willing to review a couple of games for them. I enjoyed Asara and Indigo so was happy to repeat the request by reviewing two more: Castles of Burgundy and Bora Bora Castles of Burgundy The basic idea of the game is to build large estates by placing hexagonal […]

The View on the Way Down by Rebecca Wait

Five words from the blurb: brother, died, family, apart, truth Emma is nine-years-old when her brother Kit dies. Her older brother, Jamie, disappears after the funeral and Emma is suddenly the only child in a grief-stricken household. Emma, Jamie, and their parents take turns to narrate the story, which shows how each individual is affected by Kit’s death. […]

The Antidote by Oliver Burkeman

Five words from the blurb: solution, happiness, embracing, negative, thinking I don’t normally read self-help books, but something about this one caught my attention. I loved the way it went against the grain of popular opinion by promoting the power of negative thinking and so I requested a review copy. The book concentrates on the idea that […]

Fortunate by Andrew JH Sharp

Five words from the blurb: Zimbabwe, decision, catastrophe, farm, clues Four years ago I read Andrew Sharp’s debut novel and fell in love with it. Ghosts of Eden is a fantastic book and I urge everyone to give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised when a copy of his second novel dropped through my letter […]

The Woman Upstairs by Claire Messud

Five words from the blurb: alone, unseen, passion, art, betrayal The Woman Upstairs grabs the reader’s attention from the very beginning. The narrator, Nora, is very angry and over the course of the book the reader discovers what has upset her.  Nora is a teacher and she becomes friends with the parents of one of […]