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Three Disappointing Reads

 Shortlisted for 2013 Women’s Fiction Prize Flight Behaviour by Barbara Kingsolver Five words from the blurb: butterflies, marriage, climate, destruction, poverty Flight Behaviour begins with the discovery of thousands of monach butterflies a long way from their usual migratory path. An investigation into their behaviour change begins; a story that runs alongside that of one woman’s […]

First Novel by Nicholas Royle

Five words from the blurb: creative, writing, mystery, blend, fact First Novel is an original, experimental piece of meta-fiction. The central character teaches creative writing at a university in Manchester and has an obsession with first novels. The book is packed with literary references, but these are the only things in the book that are […]

Soufflé by Asli Perker

 Translated from the Turkish Five words from the blurb: cook, family, freedom, loss, people Soufflé is a multi-generational story, packed with a passion for cookery. Set in New York, Paris and Istanbul, the novel looks at family relationships and shows how cookery can help to heal emotional wounds. The book has three main protagonists: Lilia, who […]

Moondust by Andrew Smith

Five words from the blurb: moon, journey, men, future, lives Only twelve men have walked on the moon. Andrew Smith was intrigued by their rare experience and wondered how those few days in space affected their lives. He tracked down the nine moon walkers who were still alive (sadly Neil Armstrong died last year, leaving just eight) and attended space conferences in […]

Magda by Meike Ziervogel

WARNING: Review contains spoilers. If you are unfamiliar with Magda Goebbels’ story and are sensitive to spoilers I recommend that you read the book, not the review! Five words from the blurb: Goebbells. Hitler, relationship, mother, foreboding A few years ago I read The History of History by Ida Hattemer-Higgins, a fantastic, albeit slightly weird, book […]

Two Literary Prizes

The 2013 Women’s Fiction Prize Shortlist The shortlist for the 2013 Women’s Fiction Prize was announced this morning. I wasn’t surprised to see any of the books on the list, as all are strong enough to justify their place, but I was sad that the list consisted of so many well-known authors.  Many of the […]