July Reading Summary and Plans for August

The amount of time I spend reading seems to be increasing – I managed to read and review 15 books and 1 audio book in July. I have also completed another 5 books and have their reviews waiting to be published in the next few days. I put this down to having a few spare weekends in July to read, so getting through a few extra books during this time.

I like having a few reviews/other posts under my belt, as it means I don’t have to worry about ensuring I have time to write a blog post each day. This isn’t something I’ve really done in the past, but planning posts several days in advance is something I recommend.

Do you write write your posts in advance? How many days ahead are you?

Favourites of the month


Books reviewed during July

The Other Hand – Chris Cleave  stars51

Flu – Gina Kolata stars4h

Blackmoor – Edward Hogan

Kill-Grief – Caroline Rance stars41

Lanterns on Their Horns – Radhika Jha stars41

Fathers and Sons – Richard Madeley stars41

The House at Riverton – Kate Morton stars3h

Six Suspects – Vikas Swarup stars3h

Sugar Cage – Connie May Fowler stars3h

The Late, Lamented Molly Marx – Sally Koslow stars3h

Tragedy At Law – Cyril Hare stars3h

The Lost Book of Salem – Katherine Howe stars3h

Sea of Poppies – Amitav Ghosh stars3

Reading in the Dark – Seamus Deane stars3

Wolf Hall – Hilary Mantel stars1 (DNF)

Audio Book 

Rhett Butler’s People – Donald McCaig  stars3

I also wrote this review for a favourite from my pre-blogging days:

The Clan of the Cave Bear – Jean Auel stars51

Plans for August

I’m going to focus on the Booker long list in August, maybe adding a few Japanese books for variation.

I’ll try to add a few other books as well, just so you don’t get sick of reading about Booker books!

Did you find any great books in July?

Are you planning to read any thing from the Booker long list in August?