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Love and Summer – William Trevor

 Long Listed for the Booker Prize 2009 Love and Summer begins with a funeral. A mysterious stranger arrives and starts to photograph the mourners. A few of the guests spot him and are wary, especially because the deceased is said to own half the town. The plot builds slowly, through the observations of several members of […]

Links I’ve stumbled across this week

Book News The  long list for the Guardian First Book Award 2009 has been announced. It is great to see The Wilderness by Samantha Harvey (one of my favourite books of the year so far) on the list, but I haven’t read any of the other books. Have you? Steven Spielberg hooks Michael Crichton’s pirate adventure. […]

Google Wonder Wheel

Have you seen google wonder wheel? It is an interesting new way to search through topics on the Internet and discover the terms people are searching for. To find google wonder wheel go to, type in the topic you’d like to search for and then click on Show Options once the search results have […]

Heliopolis – James Scudamore

Long listed for the Booker Prize 2009 For the third time this year the Booker long list has produced an amazing book that I would otherwise have missed. Heliopolis is set in a futuristic Sao Paulo and follows Ludo, who was born in a shanty town, but then given great wealth after being adopted by one of the […]

The Glass Room – Simon Mawer

 Long listed for the Booker Prize 2009 The Booker long list has rewarded me with another great book that I would never normally have picked up. The Glass Room has an unusual concept, in that the book is based upon a building rather than a person. Built on a hillside from glass and steel in the […]

RIP IV Challenge

After finding The Victorian Chase-Longue funny, rather than scary, I am in the mood to find a book that will really frighten me. I saw that Carl from Stainless Steel Droppings is hosting the RIP Challenge and so jumped at the opportunity to commit to reading a few. The idea is to read as many books from […]