Posts from ‘March, 2009’

The Moving Toyshop – Edmund Crispin

The Moving Toyshop is a Penguin classic crime book, originally published in 1946. It is a light, supposedly comic, mystery set in Oxford. The story begins with a poet returning to Oxford late one night. He finds the body of an old woman in a toyshop, but the next morning the toyshop, and the body have […]

My Review Policy

I decided to add a new page for my review policy after reading a very informative post from the Author Marketing Experts, Inc. It explains why it is important for authors and publicists to know exactly which books you are prepared to review for them, your attitude to reviewing books that you don’t like, and where […]

Weekly Geeks – Community Building

This week we are building our Weekly Geek community by linking our book reviews to each other. You can find all my reviews on my Book Reviewed tab (top right). I’ve been very bad at doing this in the past, so this is a great opportunity for me to rectify this situation. If you’ve reviewed any […]

I’ve joined Twitter!

As part of the Blog Improvement Project I have now signed up to Twitter! I’ve been thinking about joining for a while, but wasn’t sure whether I wanted to or not. My main concern is that I will become addicted to it, and waste lots of time using it. I’m also unsure about how to deal with book related […]

Richard and Judy 2009 Book Club – Complete!

Richard and Judy host a TV programme, here in the UK. Every year they chose a selection of books, and then review them on their show. I have been following their book club for a few years, and have read some great books thanks to them. This year’s Richard and Judy selection didn’t seem as […]

The Luminous Life of Lilly Aphrodite/The Glimmer Palace – Beatrice Colin

The Luminous Life of Lilly Aphrodite is one of the best books I have read this year. The blurb on the back cover describes a very different book to the one it actually contains. I’m not very interested in the film industry, and the life of an orphaned cabaret dancer doesn’t sound like a great basis […]