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The Essence of the Thing – Madeleine St John

‘The Essence of the Thing’ was shortlisted for the Booker prize in 1997. It is set in London’s Notting Hill and it gives an accurate portrayal of the breakdown of a modern relationship. The characters were vividly described and had realistic emotions, but not a lot happens. The majority of the book is just gossip between the friends […]

The Blind Assassin – Margaret Atwood

  ‘The Blind Assassin’ won the Booker prize in 2000. It tells the tale of two sisters and the secrets that lead to one of them committing suicide.   This is the first book by Margaret Atwood that I have read. Reviews of her books always seem to be very positive, so I was expecting […]

Book Awards Reading Challenge

To try to find more great authors, I’ve decide to take part in the ‘Book awards reading challenge’   Rules: Read 10 award winners from August 1, 2008 through June 1, 2009. You must have at least FIVE different awards in your ten titles.   The first 6 books I’m going to read are: 1.       The […]

The Arcanum by Janet Gleeson

‘The Arcanum’ tells the true story of the invention of European porcelain.  At first I found it very interesting, but I didn’t like the non-fiction writing style – it was like reading a text book. I like to see some emotion in the characters I’m reading about. I got bored by the continual facts and […]

Beloved – Toni Morrison

  ‘Beloved’ is the story of a woman haunted by the ghost of her baby. Set in post-Civil war Ohio it is the story of how former slaves,  psychically and emotionally crippled by years of labour, attempt to deal with their past.  I found the first half of the book very slow. It was confusing, […]

Purple Hibiscus – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

‘Purple Hibiscus’ started off with the disadvantage of trying to follow ‘A Fine Balance’. I started reading it on the same day I finished Mistry’s masterpiece, and my mind was still buzzing with images from his amazing book. To begin with ‘Purple Hibiscus’ seemed very simple, and flat in comparison, and I was feeling very […]